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You are here: Home / , , , ESL Grammar: present simple of "have (got)" (basic) (level: A1)

ESL Grammar: present simple of "have (got)" (basic) (level: A1)

Learn how to form the present simple of the verb "have (got)" with plenty of examples and excercises to practice. Download a free printable PDF on 321LearnEnglish.com

We use the verb “have (got)” to talk about possession, relationships, characteristics and illnesses.
Some examples are:

• Have you got a cat? (Possession)
• I’ve got a little sister. (Relationships)
• He’s got a beautiful voice. (Characteristics)
• You have a terrible headache. (Illnesses)

Remember that "have got" is often used in spoken English, while in written English, "have" alone is more common. For example, instead of saying "I have got a car," you could also say "I have a car." Both are correct, but the use of "have got" is more informal and commonly used in everyday conversation.

ESL Grammar: present simple of "have got". CEFR level: A1. 321LearnEnglish.comESL Grammar: present simple of "have got". CEFR level: A1. 321LearnEnglish.com

Download the handout with explanation and examples of the verb "have got"
Download a worksheet with exercises to practise the verb "have got"