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EvAU - Selectividad Castilla-La Mancha - Use of English - rephrasing (5)

Use of English - PEvAU - EvAU - PAU - EBAU - Selectividad Castilla-La Mancha - Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given. (Free printable worksheets with key) - www.321LearnEnglish.com

"Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given." This part of the university entrance exam in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) is worth up to 3 points (out of 10). It deals with different changes and transformations including relative clauses, passive and active voice, reported speech, use of modal verbs and conditional sentences among other things.

These are the sentences included in the PDF:

1. Chapman shot Lennon in front of the Dakota building.
2. “I will go to New York City next summer”, he said.
He said
3. I’m sorry I don’t remember your name.
I wish
4. It is possible that I arrive before midnight.
5. The optician repaired my glasses yesterday.
I had
6. My sister gave up going to the gym last month.
My sister stopped
7. I started learning Chinese three years ago.
I have
8. Mary couldn´t finish the race because she fainted.
9. John didn’t attend Paula’s wedding party because he was abroad.
If John
10. They are building a new school near the church.
A new school
11. I met a British girl yesterday. She was really nice.
The British girl
12. People think that the Internet is very dangerous for children.
The Internet
13. It’s three years since my sister started to learn German.
My sister
14. Although they made an effort, they failed.
15. Norwich is so lively that everybody has fun.
Norwich is
16. The Nazis killed her father during the war.
Her father
17. You don’t have to copy the text word for word.
18. “Did you play football with your cousin last week?” She asked him.
She asked him
19. My girlfriend was very tired. That’s why she didn’t go to the party yesterday.
20. I have never met a more attractive person than Jane.

EvAU - Selectividad Castilla-La Mancha - Use of English - Rephrasing / Rewriting - ejercicios con solución en 321LearnEnglish.com

Download the worksheet with 20 examples from different exams.