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EvAU - Selectividad Castilla-La Mancha - Use of English - rephrasing (4)

Use of English - PEvAU - EvAU - PAU - EBAU - Selectividad Castilla-La Mancha - Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given. (Free printable worksheets with key) - www.321LearnEnglish.com

"Rewrite the following sentences starting with the words given." This part of the university entrance exam in Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) is worth up to 3 points (out of 10). It deals with different changes and transformations including relative clauses, passive and active voice, reported speech, use of modal verbs and conditional sentences among other things.

These are the sentences included in the PDF:

1. I regret I didn’t do my homework.
I wish
2. They have arrested the woman for shoplifting.
The woman
3. He received the parcel. He was waiting for it.
4. “No! I won´t go there!”, she said.
She refused
5. They gave John a warm welcome.
6. I am sorry I told her.
I wish
7. Despite studying very hard, she failed the test.
8. They missed the bus. However, they arrived in time for the wedding.
9. I´m interested in a young painter. Her name will be familiar to you.
I’m interested in a young painter
10. Sheila hasn’t spoken German for ages.
It’s ages
11. People know that the situation is precarious.
The situation
12. I had a fight with Paula’s brother. That’s why I didn’t go to her birthday party.
13. “Leave my office now”, John told her.
John told her
14. Although he didn’t study hard, he passed the exam.
15. Someone stole my laptop at the library.
My laptop
16. My advice to you is to stop smoking.
You had
17. His son is too short to play basket.
His son is
18. It will probably rain tomorrow.
19. There is no other building more luxurious than the Dakota in New York.
The Dakota building is
20. Banderas doesn’t own an apartment in the Dakota building because he doesn’t have enough money.
If Banderas

EvAU - Selectividad Castilla-La Mancha - Use of English - Rephrasing / Rewriting - ejercicios con solución en 321LearnEnglish.com

Download the worksheet with 20 examples from different exams.